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MD Theatre Guide   Your Guide to Theatre News in DC, MD, and NoVA
Show Biz Radio   News and reviews from the DC area
DC Metro Theatre Arts   (Bruce and Joel Markowitz) News and Reviews
2AMt (Two AM Theatre)   General discussions and blogs with Twitter feeds
Howl Round   From the new plays initiative at Arena Stage
Superfluities Redux   Cultural blog and discussion including theatre
Parabasis   Mostly Arts-related cultural and political blog
Createquity   Discussions and support of Arts Policy
TGC Circle   Theatre Communications Group news and blog site
Adam Szymkowicz   Wonderful reviews and interviews with interesting people
The Guardian's Theatre Blog   The UK Newspaper's fascinating online theatre blog
Gwydion Suilebhan   Professional Playwright and blogger
VNPAC   National Performing Arts Convention
Eric Hart's Prop Agenda   Everything about props
Control Geek   John Huntington's Entertainment Technology Site
Theatre Safety   Eric Friend's blog about technology and safety
Theatre Geeks   Blog/Podcast about the performing arts
Costume Design Blog   Very nice blog on the art of costuming
EcoTheatre   Eco-friendly theatre practices
La Bricoleuse   Millinery, hatmaking, parasols, and other things
Theatre North Carolina   The blog of the NCTC