Web Sites for Arts Related Groups and Individual Artists

The Theatre Pages, Inc. can help you.

You already have a web site under a registered Domain Name?

Most theatre groups already have a Web Site. Many of those already have a registered Domain Name. If your group already has a Web Site under your own Domain Name, check and see if we have a link listed for you. If not, send it to us and we'll add it to our list. Just click "Send Us A Link" and consider it done.
(If your PC doesn't send the form correctly, drop an e-mail to: webmaster@srbnet.com)

You have a Domain Name registered, but it points to a Web Site hosted elsewhere?

Lots of groups started their Web Sites under someone's personal Internet account, or have a subdirectory under another Domain Name, such as: www.srbnet.com/yourgroupname. Maybe you get hosting services from the domain registrar, such as GoDaddy.com, but they require someone who knows how to setup a website on their server. Or maybe it's from one of those companies that gives you a restricted one-size-fits-all template that always shows their advertisement banner. If that's the situation your group is in, or if you just don't have a member who feels comfortable maintaining a Web Site, contact webmaster@srbnet.com and we'll work something out to get your group transferred to our servers and get your site on the web.

You have no idea how to get started with any of this?

Keeping up a registered Domain Name costs between $20 and $30 a year, depending on where you register, for how many years at a time, and for what services you get with that. If you're willing to make that investment we can help you start to finish.

We have many capabilities already on our servers, and we're always willing to add more functionality if we can handle it. Let us know what you want to do and we'll give you an honest evaluation, and alternatives if necessary.

So, what will it cost?

Nothing. The Theatre Pages, Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit under IRS designation 501(c)(3). Yes, it costs us money to run our servers and pay for the high speed Intenet connection, and donations are always helpful and welcome, but we do not charge for hosting services at this time. There are two caviats to that:

  1. We keep the servers at a house in the suburbs that has had power go down on a couple of occassions. If power is out here for more than about an hour, we're going to be down until power is restored. If you absolutely cannot be without your website for any length of time, you may need to pay for professional hosting services.
  2. We keep backups of only the domains we maintain. Our servers are in excellent condition, and have redundant hard drives, and disaster is unlikely. But it could happen that a server crashes. If we do the design and maintenance of your site, we have at least one good backup of all the data and will restore it in case of a disaster. If you maintain the site, you have the backup of your files and will need to re-upload them.

The only thing you have to pay for is the registration of your domain name.

What do you get for that price?

Interested? Just contact me and we'll discuss it. webmaster@srbnet.com

Already sold? Fill out the hosting form and let's get started.